Safe and Fair Working Conditions

ICTI members recognize that there should be lawful, fair, safe and healthy work environments for those employed in the manufacture of toys. In 1995, ICTI adopted a unified ethical manufacturing standard for the industry – the ICTI Code of Business Practices – and, in 1996, expanded the Code and added provisions for injury prevention and emergency preparedness.  In 2002, ICTI members launched a worldwide auditing process to implement and certify compliance with the ICTI Code with the goal of driving convergence, raising standards, and reducing duplicative social audits in the global toy industry supply chain. 

In 2004, the ICTI C.A.R.E. Foundation was established as a fully independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to overseeing and implementing the auditing and certification program and to building better lives for workers and a stronger industry through the ethical production of toys. Over the next decade, the ICTI C.A.R.E. Foundation undertook an expanded program, implemented updated factory assessments and ratings, and formed a  new model of engagement for toy brands and retailers, and in 2018, the Foundation was renamed the ICTI Ethical Toy Program [INSERT LINK TO IETP site], marking the next generation of the strategic, ethical manufacturing program for the toy industry.