ICTI Annual Award

In 2003, ICTI instituted an annual award to honor nonprofit organizations in its member countries that work to ensure the welfare of children around the world. The award is presented to a childcare NGO or institution that is nominated by the toy association hosting that year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The award recipient must meet the following selection criteria:

  • Is a non-profit organization;
  • Is focused on childcare or carries on childcare or child welfare programs;
  • Has achieved national or international recognition; and
  • Does not have any political or economical implications.

Championed by Salvador Miro of the Spanish Toy Association, a committee consisting of delegates from Canada, Australia and Spain drew up guidelines for the award program. The statuette that is given to each award recipient—which was also designed by the Spanish Toy Association—is a windmill featuring four sails, each representing the home continents of ICTI members.

Previous Recipients

2024 Young Zen Foundation (China Toy and Juvenile Product Association)
2023 NASCI Child Services Center of Brussels (Toy Industries of Europe)
2019 Fundación Educación y Desarrollo (Spanish Toy Association)
2018 Martha O’Bryan Center (U.S. Toy Association)
2017 Lighthouse Foundation (Australian Toy Association)
2016 A Chacun son Everest! (French Toy Association)
2015 Ministerios de Amor (Mexican Toy Association)
2014 Sendai University (Japan Toy Association)
2013 Horton's Kids (U.S. Toy Association)
2012 Toybox (British Toy and Hobby Association)
2011 The Japan Toy Library Foundation & The Japanese National Council of Toy Libraries (Japan Toy Association)
2010 Fundação ABRINQ (Brazil Toy Association)
2009 McDonald's Kinderhilfe Stiftung (German Toy Association)
2008 Child Welfare League Foundation (Taiwan Toy Association)
2007 The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center (U.S. Toy Association)
2006 Radio Nacional de España (Spanish Toy Association)
2005 The Smith Family (Australian Toy Association)
2004 Concerned Children's Advertisers (Canadian Toy Association)