On behalf of the twenty-one members of the International Council of Toy Industries, we are pleased to introduce World Toy Facts and Figures.

This booklet has been prepared to provide individuals, governments and their agencies as well as other interested groups with information about the worldwide toy industry. Although ICTI was formed in 1974, this is the first year that we have been able to collect significant data on worldwide toy sales. We are indebted to the NPD Group for their work on our behalf.

As more and more people begin to prosper and afford toys for their children, toy business throughout the world becomes more significant. The members of ICTI who are toy associations representing virtually all of the toy producing and toy consuming countries recognize their obligations to the public. We have a responsibility to supply both safe and reliable products, market our products in a fair and open manner and produce our products under ethical manufacturing conditions.

As this is the first in what we hope will be a long series, your comments and suggestions are earnestly invited.

David A. Miller
International Council of Toy Industries

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World Toy Facts & Figures 1999

Total Toy Markets - 1996-1998
Total Toy Sales - 1997
Key Figures
Child Population / Expenditures per Child
ICTI Organization & Objective

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