Global Toy Sales in 2010 Increased by Nearly 5%, NPD Reports

27 June 2011

This article contains excerpts from a Press Release issued by The NPD Group on June 20, 2011: “World Toy Sales in 2010 Were $83.3 Billion, An Increase Of Nearly 5 Percent Over 2009.”

Worldwide toy sales grew by nearly 5% (4.7%) in 2010 to USD $83.3 billion, reports leading market research firm The NPD Group.

The growth has been attributed in large part to strong performance in Asia, which increased at a rate nearly double the average (9.2%), according to The NPD Group in its most recent report, “Global Toy Market Estimates: 2011 Edition.” Asia accounted for less than 25% of the global market in 2007 and in 2010 was on par with European and North American sales. Countries with a strong, consistent economic growth and large populations of children showed the most robust sales in 2010.

The U.S. market remains the largest market with sales of nearly $22 billion, followed by Japan, China, United Kingdom and France. The toy market remains very concentrated within these top five countries, which captured just over 50% of global sales. Strong growth was also seen in emerging markets, with Brazil, Russia, India and China growing by 13%.

Due in part to exchange rate fluctuations, sales in Europe were down slightly in 2010. Toy sales in Europe accounted for 28% of the global market in 2010 compared to 32% in 2007.

"The NPD Group is optimistic that the 2011 global toy market will continue to show growth," said Jane Zimmy, NPD Group global senior vice president, in a press release. "We expect the positive trends to continue in the emerging markets, though it's likely that they will not be as robust as we have seen over the past two years. We also expect continued growth in North America and a rebound in Europe."

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