The Genius of Play Launches New Campaign: Itís More Than Play in 2016

17 May 2016

The Genius of Play, the toy industry’s research-backed initiative to bring more play into kids’ lives, today announced its new theme, “It’s More Than Play.” By focusing on six key skill areas children learn through play, “It’s More Than Play” aims to deepen parents’ and caregivers’ understanding of play’s developmental benefits.

“It’s More Than Play” will reach parents, caregivers, educators and influencers by releasing six animated video vignettes and other integrated communications through December. Each video will focus on one of the key developmental benefits children experience during play, and will be accompanied by sweepstakes promotions, play ideas, and new featured content on The video campaign continues the success of the vignettes which premiered last year and garnered a 2016 Shorty Award nomination, which honors the best in social media content.

“The videos have been extremely well-received because they provide a high level of entertainment and educational value,” said Genius of Play Ambassador Meredith Sinclair. “We are confident this next wave will reinforce developmental benefits of daily play and encourage viewers to have fun!”

Each benefit period will feature a 30-second animated vignette, accessible on, Facebook and YouTube. The content will center on everyday play moments where children learn and develop particular skills, which include: Emotional; Physical; Social; Cognitive; Creative; and Communicative.

A promotion will be hosted around each benefit period with a call to action that will actively engage families in sharing their own play experiences. Parents have begun uploading pictures of their kids in emotional moments of play to the "Capture the Moment" sweepstakes in order to enter and win prizes.

As part of its online offerings, Genius of Play will upgrade its website to make it more user-friendly and content-rich. will re-launch this summer, featuring a community section and a brand-new play ideas section with hundreds of practical suggestions, sortable by child’s age and benefit of play.

About The Genius of Play:

The Genius of Play is a national movement to raise awareness of play’s vital role in child development, spearheaded by the Toy Industry Association (TIA). Deeply rooted in research and facts, the Genius of Play is a leading resource on the physical, cognitive, social and emotional benefits of play that serve children throughout their lives. Visit #ItsMoreThanPlay

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