ICTI Care Process Survey Results Reveal Challenges Faced by Chinese Toy Factories

13 June 2011

The International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) CARE Process (ICP) – the international toy industry's ethical manufacturing program aimed at ensuring safe and humane workplace environments for toy factory workers worldwide – has released a summary of its 2010 Survey Report.

Designed to gauge the economic, commercial and social compliance challenges faced by Chinese toy factories, the second annual survey of its kind drew on the responses of 423 anonymous factory managers in China, according to the ICTI CARE website.

“The goal of the survey, carried out by INFACT Global Partners (Hong Kong), is to provide a better understanding of the issues that affect working conditions in toy factories in order to continue to improve the ICTI CARE Process,” said ICTI CARE Foundation President Christian Ewert.

Key findings include:

73% of respondents said that their biggest economic challenge was increasing raw material costs as prices began to rebound following the recession;
Difficult compliance issues continued to be wages and working hours (especially overtime hours) due to rising costs and reduced sales prices that squeeze margins; and
Improvements were shown in third party auditor performance, results from the distribution of the “What You Should Know” cards to workers, and the implementation of a worker hotline.

The summary of the survey concluded that ICP must continue to build trust with factories by improving communications channels and building training programs; ICP audit standards should be further adapted to reflect the realities of the Chinese market (i.e., relaxing the overtime standards required by the Continuous Improvement Process); and that the ICP needs to be more transparent in its operations.

The full summary of the survey can be read online.

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