ICTI Statement on Toy Recalls

Toy safety is and has always been the worldwide toy industry's number one priority. The industry designs toys carefully; oversees their manufacture; and tests to ensure that they comply with the specifications. Occasionally, things have slipped through and the recall safety net has been effective in catching and removing these products from the market. Because the industryís record has been so good, these recent recalls have been especially concerning. Although they are product and company specific, stemming from just a few companies, in today's media environment they nonetheless reflect on the entire industry.

That is truly unfortunate and has caused the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) and its member associations to redouble their efforts: first, to re-inspect toys for sale during this holiday season and, second, to ensure that testing and inspection procedures now in place are as strong as they need to be and are regularly and rigorously applied going forward.

These recalls do not reflect the situation of the entire toy industry and represent a very small percentage of the products we sell. The vast majority of toys are safe, as they always have been; and we as an industry are dedicated to ensuring that consumers can once again be confident in the safety of toys for their children.


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