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ICTI Announces Major Actions at the 27th Annual Membership Meeting
CHAP Report on Diisononyl Phthalate
European Commission Errs on Toys (11/10/99)
ICTI Reiterates Its Position: Vinyl Toys Are Safe! (3/99)
ICTI Environmental Mission Statement (11/22/10)
ICTI’S Position on the Use of Vinyl in Toys
ICTI Statement on Lead in Toys
ICTI Statement on Toy Recalls
ICTI Statement on Safety of Toys Made in China
Code of Business Practices
Code de Pratiques Commerciales
Annexe I: Méthodologie d’évaluation de la conformité
Annexe II : Liste de Contrôle de Vérificateur
Document Guide de L’Annexe II
Annexe III : plan de mesures correctives
Appendix I: Methodology for Evaluating Compliance
Appendix IIa: Guidance Document
Appendix II: Audit Checklist
Appendix III: Corrective Action Plan
Código de Prácticas Comerciales
Anexo I: Metodología para Evaluar Conformidad
Anexo II: Lista de Verificación para Auditorías y
Documento de Guía
Anexo III: Plan de mesures correctives
Industry Information
Global Retail Statistics
World Toy Facts and Figures '99
Intro '99
Total Toy Markets '99
Channel of Distribution '99
Key Figures '99
Child Popuation '99
ICTI Objective '99
Membership '99
Secretariat '99
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Toy Markets '00
Toy Sales '00
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Child Population '00
Objective '00
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Toy Markets 01
Toy Sales '01
Key Figures '01
Child Population '01
Objectives '01
Membership '01
Secretariat '01
Traditional Toy Market '03
Total Toy Market '03
1998-2003 Traditional Toy Market
1998-2003 Total Toy Market
Traditional Toy Market by Continent
Total Toy Market by Continent
Traditional Toy Market - America
Traditional Toy Market - Asia/Oceania
Traditional Toy Market - West Europa
Traditional Toy Market - West Europa Evolutions
Traditional Toy Market - East Europa
Spending Per Child - Traditional Toy Market
Super Category - America
Super-Category - Europa
Split by Retailer Channel - America
Retailer Channel - Europa
Toy Markets 2007
Toy Markets in the World 2008
Toy Markets in the World 2009
Declaration on the Vital Importance of Toys
Guiding Principles for Advertising and Marketing Communication to Children
Toy Safety Standards Around the World
Helpful Publications
Vinyl Toys Are Safe
Fire Prevention and Emergency Preparedness Guide
Getting Started
Survey Checklists
Section 1.0: Management
Section 2.0: Fire Emergency
Preparedness Planning
Section 3.0: Exits
Section 4.0: Housekeeping and Inspections
Section 5.0: Fire Extinguishers
Section 6.0: Flammables & Combustibles
Section 7.0: Electrical Equipment
Section 8.0: Compressed Gas & Cylinders
Section 9.0: Hot-Work Permits
Section 10: Spraying Operations
Appendix I: Sources of Information & Assistance
Appendix II: Forms
Appendix III: Review of Basic Fire Hazards
Appendix IV: Facility Survey
Appendix V: Selected NFPA Reference Codes
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ICTI Member Annual Country Reports
ICTI Annual General Meetings
36th Annual General Meeting
37th Annual General Meeting
38th Annual General Meeting
39th Annual General Meeting
35th Annual General Meeting
40th Annual General Meeting
41st Annual General Meeting
42nd Annual General Meeting
43rd Annual General Meeting
44th Annual General Meeting
45th Annual General Meeting
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What is ICTI?
What is the ICTI Ethical Toy Program?
ICTI Annual Award for Children's Charities
British Toy & Hobby Association and Play England Encourage Play
Largest Toy Markets in Europe and the U.S. Show Continued Resilience during the First Half of 2010
U.S. Leaders of the APEC Toy Safety Initiative Honored for Outstanding Accomplishments
ICTI Delegates Convene in Brazil for 36th Annual General Meeting
Australian Toy Association Addresses Childhood Obesity in Community Service TV Ad
Brazil Raises Tariffs on Imported Toys by 15%
Canada First Jurisdiction in the World to Classify BPA as a “Toxic Substance”
Toy Associations around the World Promote the Power of Play
Toy Associations around the World Promote the Power of Play
Huge Surge in International Interest at Toy Fair 2011
Record 90,000 Attend Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair and Three Concurrent Trade Shows
Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg 2011 Generates Ideas for the Industry
CARU West Coast Conference Focuses on Children’s Online Behavior
Canada Consumer Product Safety Act to Come into Force June 20th, 2011
U.S. House Subcommittee Considers Draft Revisions to the CPSIA
ICTI Care Process Survey Results Reveal Challenges Faced by Chinese Toy Factories
Global Toy Sales in 2010 Increased by Nearly 5%, NPD Reports
China Toy Association Publishes Survey on Toy Consumption in China
India Toy Fair Sparks Discussion about Anticipated Changes in Indian Toy Regulations
EU Toy Safety Directive in Effect July 20, 2011
France Publishes New Requirements for Foam Toy Puzzle Mats
India Revises Toy Safety Standard for Phthalates to Conform with Global Requirements
Inaugural Consumer Product Safety Summit Links Canada, Mexico and U.S.
37th Annual ICTI Meeting to Take Place in Hong Kong October 16-18
U.S. CARU Conference Tackles Critical Issues in Advertising to Kids
U.S. and EU Toy Safety Information Presented to Chinese Manufacturers
European Commission Launches Toy Safety Campaign
Toy Industry to Induct Arnie Rubin and FAO Schwarz into Prestigious Hall of Fame
Spanish Toy Research Institute Proposes “Common Iconography” for Toys
New Start Date Improves Internationality of the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair
American International Toy Fair – Largest Toy Trade Show in Western Hemisphere – Grows in 2012
ICPHSO Annual Meeting Brings Together Global Regulators, Retailers, Manufacturers and More
Group of Experts Selected to Revise International Child Safety Guidelines
38th Annual ICTI Meeting to Take Place in London 14-16 May
ICTI 38th Annual General Meeting Convenes in London, England
ASTM Toy Safety Standard F963-11 in Effect as of June 12, 2012
Meetings Explore Toy Safety Legislation and Standards in the EU and U.S.
Eco-Conscious Fifth-Graders Discuss Toy Industry’s Sustainability Efforts
2012 Second Quarter International Trade Wrap-Up
White Paper and Checklist on Children’s Online Privacy and Mobile Apps Now Available
New ISO Standard to Help Spot Knock-off Products
Tocatı` – Festival of street games: Archetypes of game in the streets told by Shakespeare
Mainland China’s 2012 China Toy Expo Grows
CPSC and Health Canada Confirm Initiative to Align Toy Safety Requirements
Final COPPA Rule Imposes New Obligations for Websites and Mobile Apps
Technology and Value for Money Play Major Role in Parent Purchasing Decisions
U.S. President Obama Announces Launch of US-EU Trade Negotiations
Toys Account For 45% of Global Market for Licensed Preschool Properties: Report
American International Toy Fair – February 10-13, 2013 – Welcomes Surge in Global Visitors
ICPHSO Annual Meeting Brings Together Global Regulators, Retailers, Manufacturers and More
New Canadian Legislation Introduces Strong Protections against Counterfeit Goods
CPSC and Health Canada Confirm Initiative to Align Toy Safety Requirements
China Toy Association Launches Campaign to Promote Safety of Toys
U.S. to Celebrate World Standards Day in October
“Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” Conferences to Take Place in U.S. this June
North American Toy Industry Association to Host ICTI Annual Meeting in Washington, DC
Sourcing Trends Shift in the Asian Markets
New Jersey Approves Resolution Designating November as “Children’s Product Safety Awareness Month”
European Parliament Debate Showcases Benefits of Play
Horton’s Kids Receives ICTI Annual Award for Children’s Charities
ICTI 39th Annual General Meeting Convenes in Washington, DC
TJPA Releases 2012 Annual Chinese Toy Industry Report
Global Toy Industry Resources Available Online
EU Chemical Requirements in Effect on 20 July 2013
Second North America Consumer Product Safety Summit to Host U.S., Canadian and Mexican Authorities
United States NPD Study Finds Parents Crave Balance between Tech and Traditional Toys
Tocatì International Festival Celebrates Traditional Games and Play
2014 American International Toy Fair to Host Digital Kids Conference
Toy Safety Seminar for Chinese Manufacturers Scheduled for October
Fall Toy Preview Welcomes Global Retail Giants to Preview Innovative Product for 2014
Licensing Expo and American International Toy Fair Announce Collaboration
Call for Papers: International Toy Research Association 7th World Congress
ISO Meetings Explore Possible Revisions to International Toy Standard
Toy Industry to Induct Five Outstanding Individuals into Esteemed Hall of Fame
Aaron Locker, Toy Industry Advocate, Dies at 86
Health Canada Issues Notice Regarding Children’s Toys with Magnets
Toy Industry Unveils Nominees for 2014 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards
Save the Date: 40th Annual ICTI General Meeting to take Place in Tokyo
ICPHSO Annual Meeting to Take Place in February 2014
Most Outstanding Toys and Games of the Year Recognized at “OSCARS®” of the Toy Industry
111th American International Toy Fair Expands Exhibit Space and Grows Global Audience
ICTI Website Updated to Reflect Key Discussion Items at Annual Meeting
ICTI Officers Announced at Annual Meeting
Alert: Onerous New Indonesian National Standard for Toys to Go into Effect April 30
Carter Keithley – Toy Industry Association President & CEO – Announces Retirement
Canadian Toy Association and Toy Industry Association Announce Affiliation Agreement
ICTI CARE Foundation President & CEO Christian Ewert Departs; Search for Replacement to Begin
International Effort Launched to Protect Children from Dangers Posed by Button Batteries
Tocatì International Festival Brings Thousands Together in Celebration of Play
Consumer Safety and Health Network Workshop Explores Cross-Border Risk Assessment
Kids India 2014 Announces Special Educational Program for Foreign Visitors
Toy Safety Training Programs for Chinese Manufacturers Scheduled for November
Toy Industry to Induct Two Outstanding Individuals into Esteemed Hall of Fame
TIE Resource Helps Companies Comply with EU Toy Safety Directive
ICTI CARE Foundation Names New President & CEO
41st ICTI Annual General Meeting to be Held this May in Cancun, Mexico
Toy Industry “Oscars®” Recognize the Most Outstanding Toys and Games of the Year
112th North American International Toy Fair Grows in Exhibit Size and Scope – Retains Position as Largest Toy Show in Western Hemisphere
The Future of Ethical Manufacturing – Q&A with Carmel Giblin, President and CEO of ICTI CARE
Countries of the Americas to Exchange Product Safety Information through New Recall-Sharing Program
Health Canada and European Commission Release Consumer Product Reports
Global Toy Industry Priority Issues and Projects Discussed at 41st Annual General ICTI Meeting
Horst Brandstätter, Owner of Brandstätter Group and Man Behind Playmobil, Dies at 81
ICPHSO Calls for International Symposium Presentations on Product Safety Alignment
Information Technology Agreement Extends Duty-Free Treatment to Certain Electronic Toys
Joint Market Surveillance Action in Europe to Target Non-Compliant Acoustic Toys
PREVCON Sparks New Ideas & Approaches for Reducing Preventable Childhood Injuries
Joint Market Surveillance Action in Europe to Target Non-Compliant Acoustic Toys
EU Court Creates Uncertainty Regarding REACH Notifications on Substances of Very High Concern
Toy Industry Names Disney’s Bob Iger as 2016 Inductee into Esteemed Hall of Fame
ISO Safety Meetings Explore Alignment Opportunities with U.S. Toy Safety Standards
CTA Hot Toys Event Brings Together Media, Kids to Test Projected Bestselling Toys for Holiday ’15
1,000 Children at U.S. Naval Station Rota in Spain Get New Toys from Toy Industry Foundation
U.S./EU Toy Safety Seminar to Take Place at Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair
Lithium Battery Developments in the Law and the Lab
TIA’s Visit to the Hong Kong Toy Fair ‘16
Toy Industry Economic Impact in the U.S. Reaches $77 Billion
CPSC Commissioners Encourage Continual Dialogue, TIA Staff Provide Safety Requirement News at TIA’s Toy Safety Update
113th North American International Toy Fair Reports a 16% Increase in International Attendance
TIA Unveils New Market Research for the United Kingdom and Canada
Segway Patent Infringement Complaint Halts Several Hoverboard U.S. Imports and Sales
ICPHSO 2016 Symposium Offers Glimpses of a Safer Tomorrow
Exploring Tech Trends 2016: in Flight and on the Ground
LEGO Announces Changes in Leadership
Genius of Play Takes Center Stage in D.C.
Companies Shipping Toys To Indonesia Need To Switch To Local Test Labs In April
ICPHSO to Hold Southeast Regional Product Safety Training Workshop
Electronic Products on the Agenda for EU Environment Conference in Washington
The Genius of Play Launches New Campaign: It’s More Than Play in 2016
ICTI CARE to Host Webinar on Responsible Sourcing in the Toy Industry
ICTI Forms Year-Round Working Groups During 42nd Annual General Meeting
“Toy Preview Month” To Take Place This September
President Obama Signs Long-Awaited TSCA Reform Bill Into Law
ICTI CARE Publishes Ethical Recruitment Guide For Toy Factories
Brexit and Toys: Keep Calm and Carry On For Now
TIA President’s Letter: Panama Canal’s Expansion No Guarantee For Smooth Sailing
Information Technology Agreement’s Duty-Free Treatment In Effect For Certain Electronic Toys
ICPHSO International Symposium to Take Place During “Product Safety Week” in EU
Global Toy Market Approaching $90 Billion in 2016
Strong Market Surveillance Helps Children Play Safe
Mojo Nation Champions the Global Toy Inventor and Designer Community
International Screen-Free Week Encourages Families to “Enjoy Life Beyond the Screen”
Global Toy Industry Priority Issues and Projects Discussed at 43rd Annual General ICTI Meeting
ICTI CARE Develops Auditor Assessment Tool
Toy Sales Globally and in the U.S. Both Grow by 1 Percent in 2017, Reports The NPD Group
Free Product Safety Trainings for Toys Manufactured in China and Vietnam: March 2018
Research: Moms More Likely to Choose Toys Linked with Developmental Benefits & The Genius of Play
Toy Sales Across Key Global Markets Grew by 4 Percent in the First Half of 2018, Reports NPD
Toy Association Praises Administration’s Commitment to Cracking Down on Counterfeit Goods

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